Longbourn is Back!


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Classic British Drama Tours, now has exclusive access to Luckington Court, aka, Longbourn, home of the Bennet family, from the BBC 1995 series of Pride And Prejudice.

This is very exciting, as the house has not received visitors for around 3 years, so we are very proud and honoured that we are the only tour company that can offer clients a visit to this prestigious house.

At present we are offering visits as part of our 4 day Pride and Prejudice tour, the first of which starts on June 7th, or if that is too soon, we have another date later this year, on 6th September.

There is an option to join the tour for the first day only.

Please see this link for more information: classicbritishdramatours.co.uk/pride-and-prejudice-1995-tours-longbourn–grounds-church-and-lane

or contact us via the website or at deborah@classicbritishdramatours.com

We look forward to meeting you soon!