Thank you for the wonderful tour.

It is really great to meet other JA lovers.

And I am very impressed by how knowledgeable and responsive you are to clients needs.

You are a wonderful guide!

JF – Australia – Peaks And Pemberley Day Tour


This has been a great experience. We have enjoyed the tour and your presentations, energy and fun company.

Thank you for a wonderful trip!

MC & JP – Canada – 4 Day P&P Tour


A  very big thank you for a fantastic tour – it went way beyond my expectations.

Thank you for all the effort you put into it and for giving a lot of background information  as we drove around which added so much quality.

It will remain a highlight for a long time to come, if not forever!

HM – Australia – 4 Day P&P Tour


My Pride and Prejudice tour with Classic British Drama Tours was the highlight of my month-long stay in England.  It was the first group tour I’ve ever taken and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I felt connected to the other travellers and how much fun it was to share my love and enthusiasm for Jane Austen, and Pride and Prejudice in particular.

The guide was extremely knowledgeable, attentive to our needs and limitations, patient with our requests and willing to share fully in our excitement and joy.   Each site we visited was rife with P&P references that elicited memories, quotes, music and laughter, but they were also fascinating historical sites in their own right.  The accommodations and food were excellent, the hosts friendly and helpful.  I could not believe how quickly the days passed by and can only say that I would have loved to have spent even more time on this amazing journey.

Thank you to Deb and Natalie for making this the most memorable part of my stay in the UK.  I highly recommend Classic British Drama Tours for anyone who wants to combine entertainment with history as part of their holiday plans.

SA – USA – 4 Day P&P Tour


We are now in our overnight apartment, savouring every minute of the tour. It was an awesome experience and totally enriched by having Debi as our guide. Thank you!

MC & JP  – Canada – Downton Abbey Premier Tour


The Return Of Captain Poldark!

After almost 18 months, Poldark is back!

The story has picked up right from where the last series ended, with Poldark being hauled off to face charges of inciting a riot, wrecking and murder, as well as mourning the loss of Julia and being stony broke to boot.

The panoramic camera shots were as gorgeous as ever, sweeping down the cliffs, and across them as Ross Poldark galloped off to face his fate at Bodmin Assizes.

Demelza tried valiantly to get the ‘right’ judge to hear Ross’s case by ‘inadvertently’ introducing herself to the man who knew him, Ray Penvenen (aka John Nettles, aka Barnaby aka Bergerac) but was thwarted by the evil George Warleggan (boo, hiss!)

There are no spoilers here, but the first episode ended quite unexpectedly…unless you’ve read the books, then you’ll know what happened.

But if the first episode has whetted your appetite for all things Cornish, why not book a tour with us to the locations used? Our guides will point out all the filming spots, so you get your Poldark and Demelza moments recorded, to look back on, and give the history behind the Poldark story.

Come and join our ‘set jetting’ tour,  and experience Cornwall in a whole new way!

Poldark Tour